Current Lab Members

Greg Lang

Assistant Professor

I received my Ph.D. in Molecular Biology with Andrew Murray at Harvard where I studied mutation rate variation in yeast. I then worked as a post doc in David Botstein's lab at Princeton. There I developed, in collaboration with Michael Desai, a system for high-throughput experimental evolution in yeast. I joined the faculty at Lehigh in 2013. I'm told I need to smile more in photos.
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Sean Buskirk


I received my Ph.D. in Infectious Diseases with Eric Lafontaine at University of Georgia studying bacterial virulence. Before joining the lab I was a post doc in Vaughn Cooper's lab at the University of New Hampshire where I studied microbial evolution in biofilms. I am focused on understanding the genetic and molecular mechanisms of adaptive evolution in yeast. I also contribute an endless supply of dad jokes and fashion advice.

Katie Fisher

Graduate Student, Integrative Biology

I am broadly interested in evolutionary conflict. I have a MS from Long Island University, Post Campus, where I studied sexual dimorphism and sensory perception in cichlids. My current research uses yeast experimental evolution to study intragenomic genetic conflict, specifically CRISPR-based ‘gene drives’ and mating-type conflict. Occasionally I am (inadvertently) subjected to intra-university conflict with parking services.

Dan Marad

Graduate Student, Molecular Biology

I received my Bachelor's degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from Ursinus College in 2014. While there, I studied yeast prion formation and propagation. I'm studying the impact of ploidy on laboratory yeast evolution.

Ryan Vignogna

Graduate Student, Biochemistry

Before joining the Lang lab in 2016, I received my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from DeSales University. I am interested in tackling a central question of evolutionary biology: how reproducible is evolution? My specific interest, and current project, lies in understanding how epistasis shapes evolutionary paths and outcomes.

Jasper Jeffrey

Undergraduate, Molecular Biology

I am currently an Eckardt Scholar at Lehigh, pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology with a concentration in Philosophy. Before joining the Lang Lab, I worked in Rachel Dutton's lab at Harvard and Aviv Regev's lab at the Broad Institute. I am the yeast knowledgeable member of the lab.

Fall 2017

Work Study Students

Kourtney Mendello
Hunter Keenan

Lab Alumni

Ryan Emily Peace Undergraduate Researcher, Currently a Ph.D. student in Bioengineering at Boston University.
Ken Brill Undergraduate Researcher, Currently at NYU medical school.
Rebecca Unterborn Undergraduate Researcher, Currently at Temple medical school.
Ali O'Donnell Undergraduate Researcher

Opportunities for Students and Postdocs

We are always looking for talented students and postdocs who are interested in experimental evolution to join the lab. Molecular evolution is by nature interdisciplinary; therefore students from a variety of backgrounds (e.g. evolutionary biology, molecular biology, physics, math, chemistry, computer science, engineering, and systems biology) are all encouraged to apply.
Graduate Students: Graduate students enter the lab through the Graduate Program in the Department of Biological Sciences. We have three PhD programs: Molecular Biology, Integrative Biology (which includes evolutionary biology), and Biochemistry.
Post Docs: If you are interested in joining the lab, please send an email to describing your research background, along with a current cv, and contact information for three references.
Undergraduate Students: Undergraduates are welcome in the lab. If you are interested please see our work study ad or send an email to