Yeast Experimental Evolution

We study the molecular basis of evolution. Our goal is to understand how phenotypic selection drives genotypic change. We work with the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the same yeast that is used to bake bread and brew beer. Using this simple but powerful genetic system we study evolution in real-time in our laboratory. Our work lies at the intersection of evolutionary biology, molecular biology, and quantitative genetics.


  • 8/8/21: Katie's paper on overdominant mutations and LOH is out in Genome Biology and Evolution.
  • 8/8/21: Ryan's paper using evolution to find genetic interactions is out in Molecular Biology and Evolution.
  • 1/1/21: The Lang Lab welcomes our newest post-doc, Han-Ying Jhuang.
  • 12/28/20: Our paper on the evolution of non-transitivity is now out in Elife.
  • 6/1/20: The Lang Lab welcomes graduate student Artemiza Martinez, who just joined the lab.
  • 3/24/19: Our critical review of Michael Behe's new book is out in the journal Evolution.
  • 6/1/18: The Lang Lab welcomes our newest post-doc, Dimitra Aggeli.
  • 5/1/18: The Lang Lab was awarded an R01 to study genetic interactions in the context of experimental evolution.
  • 3/26/18: Dan's paper on adaptation in diploids is now out in Nature Ecology & Evolution.
  • 1/20/18: Our new preprint on selection for autodiploids is up on bioRxiv.
  • 10/25/17: Our protocol for the Luria-Delbrück fluctuation assay is out in Methods in Molecular Biology.
  • 8/21/17: Watch Greg's talk on the dynamics of adaptation at KITP in Santa Barbara.
  • 8/2/17: Dan's paper on adaptation in diploids is now up on bioRxiv.
  • 7/18/17: Sean's paper on bulk fitness assays is now out in PNAS. It is featured on Lehigh's website.


Lehigh University is located in the scenic Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, approximately 90 min west of NYC and 90 min north of Philadelphia. We are in Iacocca Hall on Lehigh's Mountaintop Campus.

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