Protocols . . .

In the spirit of organization (of which I am more a fan than a practitioner) I have moved many of protocols from loose leaf sheet to this website. I certainly did not invent most of these protocols, and I owe a debt of gratitude to those from whom I have received these protocols. I have tried my best to credit those contributors.


  Fluctuation assay. A modification of the original Luria-Delbruck fluctuation assay using small-volume cultures in 96-well plates.

Fitness assay Assay for measuring relative growth rate using a fluorescently-labeled reference strain.

Competitive mating assay Analogous to the Fitness Assay, this assay measures the relative mating ability. Although described for drug-marked strains, this protocol would be best with fluorescently-labeled strains.

Genomics Protocols:

  Harvesting cells for RNA. From Maitreya Dunham.

RNA prep. From Maitreya Dunham.

RNA labeling. From Maitreya Dunham.

Microbiology Protocols:

  Yeast transformation.


Yeast genomic prep.

Yeast sporulation & tetrad dissection.

Coulter counter.


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